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Ep 7.15 - LIVE! Pacing that sells w/ Richard Fox

July 16, 2022

Bestselling author Richard Fox returns to the KSM to talk about his latest projects and dive deep into how he paces his books to keep his readers turning the pages.

Hosts: Josh Hayes, Scott Moon Guest: Richard Fox

00:00 New Intro!

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

-Use Plottr!

04:55 Weekly update— Bowling Carefully Edition

Josh: Cranking through Weaponized and Tranquility #3. Had a short story in Weaponized universe in the We Dare anthology from Chris Kennedy Publishing. Working on a short story in Jeff Haskell’s Grimm’s War universe. Working on a contemporary thriller.

Scott: Hurt his back so on a standing desk. Writing lots on multiple projects. Poop in the community pool.

Richard: Published final book in Exiled series in two-book stints. Has a short story in Robosoldiers: Thanks for Your Servos anthology by Baen Books with the help of Josh’s expertise. Working on second book of the Tyr series and another book with David Weber and a few other things.

16:31 Main Event— LIVE! Pacing that sells w/ Richard Fox

-Richard pitches Tyr series

-Looking forward to James Cameron’s Avatar sequels and Iraqi love of Titanic.

-Everything to love of a Cameron film. -The story of how he rogue edited Piranha 2.

-Clapping blue cheeks… -Richard talks about pacing.

-Commentary on Cabin in the Woods ‘What does the audience know and when do they know it?’

-Extending it out in writing: ‘what does the reader know that the characters don’t’ in writing creates tension, so pacing is knowing what’s coming vs. not knowing what’s next.

-Cutting out what you don’t need. -Racoon poop coffee?

-Combining characters to increase their agency.

-Character movement is a good time for the downtime scenes for character development.

-How to say a lot of things about a character in as few words as possible.

-Silko’s scene where he may be betrayed in Arcane reveals his true relationship in Jinx.

-When the character does something a little interesting that the reader is interested in.

-Silko’s monologue flex during a corruption/gassing scene in Arcane.

-The concept of the 4th reel (out of 5 in an old movie theater) was all action (examples: Star Wars: A New Hope and Return of the Jedi)

-Changing the way you outline to hold the pacing together.

-Resolution can be difficult. -Richard recommends the Ember War series as an entry point into his novels.

1:00:37 Closing remarks


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