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Get Your Guns Right: Science Fiction and the Military, Ep. 2.29

July 20, 2020

Reach even more readers with a bit of research. We're talking military history tonight! Why is that important? Realistic immersion for your readers. We'll be talking about researching for your plot, making rounded characters, writing kickass action scenes, and the utilizing power of Handwavium.


Do you get dinged in reviews for seemingly trivial errors about weapons, warfare, military life, tactics and battles?


Why does that bother readers? What can you do to smooth out these issues? What are the pitfalls of writing military science fiction or fantasy, if you aren't a veteran of a science fiction war, a fantasy war, or even a contemporary one?


Terry Maggert is a bestselling science fiction author and a big enough geek to not just read history, but teach it to university students.


Join us for a wide ranging interview with Terry in which he lays out his perspective on combat scenes, how to research relevant history, what the commons mistakes are.

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