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How Do I Build and Grow My Newsletter? with Rhett C. Bruno - The Writer’s Journey, Ep 1.12

March 7, 2019

Whether you're a hopeful writer like Lauren or a new writer like Kalene, you probably need to build up your newsletter--or get it started in the first place. In this video, we ask Rhett--author, publisher, and founder of the popular science fiction email list, SciFi Bridge--how to build and grow our newsletters. He happily gives us all the tips. Get ready to learn with us and take the next step in your writer's journey!


This episode of The Writer’s Journey is brought to you by: Wings of Redemption (Terra Nova 3) by Richard Fox and Josh Hayes

The galactic balance of power shifts against humanity’s fledgling colony on Terra Nova.

After narrowly escaping a brutal attack, Chief Kit Carson and her surviving Pathfinders reach the Zeis Homeworld. Their mission to seek new allies among the uncharted stars continues, but first they must end the insurrection tearing across the planet, threatening the fragile negotiations.

Governor Ken Hale is in a desperate race against time to build up the colony’s defences. When his new soldiers are found dead on the colony’s streets, he must turn to a retired assassin to help hunt down the deranged killer.

And the greatest threat of all, the ancient Ultari Empire, rekindles under the iron rule of a returned Emperor. Their quest for vengeance will burn across the stars…and Terra Nova is the next target.

Wings of Redemption is the third action-packed book in the Terra Nova Chronicles, taking readers deeper into a dangerous new galaxy.

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