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Indie Author Conferences - Keystroke International Ep 1.08

March 31, 2019

This week we're talking about author conferences, mostly the 20booksto50K conferences and why you should be looking for events you can attend as an indie author.

If you are interested in attending Edinburgh please join the 20booksto50k group and search for Edinburgh in there.

If you want someone to introduce you at Edinburgh or Vegas, please do let Jon know.

Keystroke Medium International is a destination for readers, writers, either or both and is hosted by Ralph Kern, Jon Evans & Devon Ford.


This episode of Keystroke International is brought to you by - Kingdoms of Iron and Stone

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“King Edrick and the Dragon” by Kacey Ezell
“The Beast of Balmonna” by C.Steven Manley
“Brothers” by Nathan Hystad
“The Prince, the Thief, and the Dragon” by Paul Summerhayes
“Blueback Flight” by Dean Floyd
“Thirty Silver Pieces” by Monroe Todd
“Black Tongued Heathen” by Kalene Williams
“On the Hunt” by Wayne Ligon
“Little Mage” by Cassidy Taylor
“The Wrath of Khazafel” by Blake Arthur Peel
“The Guardian” by Amanda Kaye
“The Nightmare Tree” by James Evans
“The Westfield Line” by Scott Moon

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