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Keystroke International Ep 1.01 - The RAF in Fiction

February 9, 2019

The premiere episode of Keystroke Medium International with Jon Evans and Ralph Kern.

A destination for readers, writers, either or both.

The book discussion for this episode is Dennis Taylor's We are Legion, We are Bob (Bobiverse).

Our main topic is the Royal Air Force and how it differs from other air forces worldwide. We talk about how you can use the RAF in your fiction and how you can carry the current military forward into your science fiction.


This episode of Keystroke Medium is brought to you by: Captain Phenom by KR McClellan

Charlie Platt is a fifteen-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, a loner that likes to draw superheroes. Just about everyone at his school picks on him, calls him Charlie Splat. His only true friend is his next-door neighbor, Maggie (Mags) McGee, a tomboy a year younger than Charlie.

One day while at a routine doctor’s appointment he is accidentally given a serum intended for adult test subjects to help cure cerebral palsy, but this particular serum had mistakenly been radiated from being too near uranium meant for an atom bomb being brought into the city by terrorists.

With the mutated serum in his blood, Charlie starts to feel stronger. But when he gets put under stress, he then mutates into Captain Phenom; a super strong, super fast hero for the people. He sets out to get even with the bullies that have made his life hell, but when he learns of the terrorist threat to the city, he has a new objective.

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