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LIVE! with Davis Ashura

August 18, 2016

The best thing about the speculative fiction world is finding storytellers who take readers to new places. Authors come from all walks of life and bring a bit of themselves to their work. What I am trying to say, is many of us have day jobs...rocket scientists, doctors, police officers, military intelligence officers, and everything in between. Davis Ashura has been writing most of his life and recently had success with his Castes and Outcastes trilogy -- an epic fantasy based on the many influences of India. (A Warrior’s Penance has recently been picked up by Audible Studios!)

What does Davis Ashura do when not writing?

He is, of course, a medical doctor. How does he find the time? What does his heritage and his profession bring to his writing? Davis shared some interesting concepts like received wisdom, world building, and development of complex characters (especially antagonists).

I enjoyed hearing Davis talk about India, share his expertise as a doctor, and describe what it took for him to get started with writing. One of the things that helped him, in addition to writing a lot and finding his story passion, was taking writing courses. He impressed me as a man serious about his craft and someone to watch out for in the future.

Since this was a live intervew, we had questions that listeners posted to Jacob Cooper asked about how Davis used his medical knowledge. Davis discussed some interesting story situations requiring a forensic investigator determining the cause of death.

Audience participation really made this episode excellent. (Yes this is a subtle hint that we want you to tune in next Monday for Live! with Patrice Fitzgerald.)

#Bonus: During the show, Davis Ashura explains the awesome meaning of his pen name. That alone is worth the price of admission. #Brilliant

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