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LIVE! with Jay Allan

December 26, 2016

This week Josh and Scott talk with best-selling science fiction author Jay Allan, author of the Crimson Worlds series and the Far Star trilogy. Like many guests, Allan is a hybrid author with books published traditionally and independently, however, unlike many guests, Allan brings a unique and new prospective to writing and publishing.

About two years ago, Scott stumbled across Marines: Crimson Worlds Book 1 and assumed that Jay Allan must retired military or somehow associated with the armed forces. This, as it turns out, is not exactly accurate. Allan explains how he came to write so convincingly in the military science fiction genre and how he continues to create such fantastic characters and worlds.

Allan also shares his knowledge on the craft of writing, marketing, and how things have changed since the first few breakout years of indie publishing.

For more information about Jay Allan and his books, check out,, and his blog.

Find all of Jay’s books on Amazon: Jay Allan Author Page

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