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LIVE! with Jo Zebedee

September 7, 2016

Welcome to Northern Ireland, where you can drink pints of ale and read great works of science fiction. It’s also home to today’s guest, Jo Zebedee, author of the Inheritance Trilogy and alien invasion novel, Inish Carraig.

On today’s show, we bring you the inside scoop about the third and final book in the Inheritance Trilogy, Abendau’s Legacy and have an depth discussion about Jo’s Hugo nominated novel Inish Carraig. Jo also talks about writing short fiction for the newly released Explorations: Through the Wormhole anthology and what it was like to write in a shared universe.

We had a great time talking to Jo and had we actually been in a Belfast, I’m sure the show would have been even more epic. (And perhaps a little tipsy) Should there ever be a Keystroke Medium world tour, Belfast will be on our top 5 list.

Jo Zebedee writes military space operas by combining her love of the genre with the expert input from actual military officers to get the technical parts right. What struck me during this interview was her concern for strong characters and ability to write darker fiction when the effects of the story demanded it. One of her pet peeves in the genre is having child heroes save the universe then “dust themselves off like nothing happened.”

During this interview we talked about how characters are changed by their ordeal. what inspires her,  writing style, and go behind the scenes of her creation process.

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