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LIVE! with LA Starkey

November 28, 2016

On today’s episode of LIVE! L.A. Starkey talks with Josh and Scott about how she turned her love of writing into a indie publishing empire. Her bestselling Soul Keeper series and other romance titles (under several pen-names) have sold hundreds of thousands of copies since 2014 and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Laurie is a machine, on average cranking out one novel per month, sometimes writing upwards of 30k words a day. Since being her writing career, Laurie has published 90 books under 8 pen names and has spent countless hours learning and mastering the art of indie publishing.

Surrounding herself with her publishing team (her husband, brother, and a couple other close friends) Laurie has managed to keep up her relentless schedule and release more content faster than any other writing team we’ve talked to this year. She even managed to write an entire 46k word novel in a day!

If you’re looking for motivation for your own writing, or wondering how some people can be so production, check out this episode of LIVE! and see how consistently and tenacity can pay off big time!

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