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LIVE! with Marc Alan Edelheit

November 29, 2016

On today’s episode of LIVE! Marc Alan Edelheit drops by to talk about his military fantasy series, Stiger’s Tigers. Marc’s writing started in 2015 and since then he’s writing 4 novels and sold over 150,000 books. His Stiger series has been published as an audiobook by Podium Publishing and the 4th book Stiger: Tales of the Seventh launches Dec 1, 2016.

Marc started out with one goal, to create something that felt historically realistic in a fantasy setting, he wanted the war to read, sound and feel like war actually would. After spending countless hours researching the time period, Marc got into what he calls the ‘ancient mindset’ and created a setting that feels real on many different levels (down to the smell of the leather).

From the start Marc wanted to be successful, from his writing, to formatting, to his outstanding covers. He talks about how getting an agent catapulted his career from selling a handful of books a day to becoming a bestseller. If you’ve ever contemplated getting an agent as an indie author, this episode is for you.


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Find all of his books on Amazon here: Marc Alan Edelheit Author Page

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