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LIVE! with Mark Leslie Lefebvre

November 22, 2016

Once, long ago, in a land called Texas, Scott met Mark Leslie Lefebrve at a live podcast. This, of course, happened in a bar and people were having a great time heckling Jim Kokrel and Bryan Cohen of the Sell More Books show. Scott was in Austin attending the 2016 Smarter Artist Summit, which turned out to be a transformative experience professionally, artistically, and personally.

Fans of the Keystroke Medium show may or may not understand that Scott is a conditional introvert. Basically he is shy until he gets to know a person, then he never shuts up. Scott found himself sitting next to Mark and they talked about his book-selling experience and how he came to his current position with Kobo.

That was when Scott understood how special the week in Austin was going to be. When does a lifelong writing enthusiast just happen to meet the designer and manager of Kobo’s the Writing Life?

Mark has tons of experience in publishing, something this episode will illustrate very clearly. He brings us a bit of Canada, ghost stories, and wisdom about writing and publishing in today’s unique environment.

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