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LIVE! with Nick Cole - Dragon Con Awards

November 22, 2016

Best-selling author Nick Cole returns for his second appearance on Keystroke Medium, and in true Cole fashion, brings this larger than life personality, taking the show to a whole other level. During his first visit to the show, Nick talked about his cyberpunk novel Control. Alt. Revolt!, the controversy surrounding it, and how he went on to publish a best-seller. This time, Nick talks about the buzz surrounding the novel and how it went on to win the Dragon Con Award for Best Apocalyptic Novel.


Despite the controversy, the novel became a hit and features some amazing characters. We spend a fair amount of time talking about the highly diverse cast, including one of the protagonists, a strong-willed, disabled woman who is overcomes adversity in some of the most amazing ways. The characters were one of my favorite things about the book and are what will bring me back to Nick’s stories. All said and done, his writing is fast paced and entertaining.


Nick shares his thoughts on current events and how the world of indie publishing is changing around us.


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Find Control. Alt. Revolt! and the rest of Nick Cole’s work on Amazon: Nick Cole’s Amazon Author Page


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