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LIVE! with Patrice Fitzgerald

August 25, 2016

Conflict is the secret!

Meet Patrice Fitzgerald, author of Karma of the Silo, fans of Hugh Howey might recognize the premise and one of the characters. Why? Because the legendary indie author gave her permission to write in his Wool universe and she created a story her fans love. You might also know her from work in Samuel Peralta’s Future Chronicles.

During the interview we talk a lot about books and generally have a good time, eventually getting to our ulterior motive of learning the secrets of creating great fiction. Patrice explains her writing process (which is a great method) and shares some inspiring stories of her writing journey. She’s also like to point out that she likes to organize, but she is, in fact, not organized.

Her latest space opera anthology Beyond the Stars: At Galaxy’s Edge has just released, which features some of the best authors and sports the most spectacular book covers in the genre today. Also, exclusive to Keystroke Medium, Patrice shares some news for what’s coming next in the series.

Along with sharing some insights into her Karma series and the short stories she’s written for The Future Chronicles, Patrice talks about her new project Pirate War Saga, sharing the concept for the series and how she’s putting it all together.

If you enjoy a fun conversation and love science fiction and storytelling, this episode of LIVE! will make your day. Check it out a feel good all day long.

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We hope you enjoy the show and we’re looking forward to seeing you next week for our next episode of LIVE! featuring Kevin Tumlinson, Director of Marketing for Draft2Digital.