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LIVE! with Peter F Hamilton

November 15, 2016

How does one begin a blog about meeting Peter F. Hamilton?

Last summer Josh introduced me to a book called Pandora’s Star, the first book in Hamilton’s Commonwealth Saga. I listened to the powerful, sweeping epic twice -- not something I do lightly given the time investment. These are big books by anyone’s standard. By the time I finished the second book, Judas Unchained, I was officially a super fan.

That was also about the time Josh and I had the following conversation:

Josh: “So Peter F. Hamilton has agreed to be on the show.”

Scott: “....” speechless.

We have been very lucky to have many excellent guests at Keystroke Medium. I shouldn’t have been surprised at our collective good fortune. A lot of people, naming Scott McGlasson here, helped Josh set this up. And yet, something undeniably special was happening.

Fast forward to the interview. The entire show was fun, informative, and relaxed. (So why was I nervous? No idea.)

Peter talked about his stories and writing in general. We asked about his process and he shared freely, ending with some excellent (and actionable) advice for new writers. Some of the story details were new to me because I have yet to read the Night’s Dawn series, Void Trilogy, or other books. I think next on my list will be the Great North Road. Rather than try to talk intelligently about all of his books, I will just link to them here.

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