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LIVE! with Ralph Kern and Tom Edwards

November 11, 2016

Fans of science fiction are more than just readers. Movies, art, games, and every corner of the imagination is fair game. This episode of the Keystroke Medium Show is proud to host Ralph Kern and Tom Edwards for something new. (Yes, this is our first book cover design show!)

Ralph Kern, author of the the Sleeping Gods novels, recently teamed up with cover designer Tom Edwards. Josh and I are big fans of these guys. Ralph has been a longtime friend of the show and if you don’t know who Tom Edwards is, look at the top twenty science fiction books on Amazon. At the time of this show, Tom designed seven of the twenty.

In this episode we explore how to work with a cover designer. Josh puts up some sketches that were used in the development of Unfathomed (the new novel by Ralph Kern) and other art leading to the final version. Tom shares what actually goes into his projects and gives us a little preview of what’s in store for Tom Edwards Design. For the record, three of Tom’s favorite artists are John Harris, Craig Mullins, and Jaime Jones.

Listening to Tom and Ralph describe their process was informative and entertaining. Please check out Keystroke Medium on YouTube and Subscribe and share. For more about Ralph Kern, check out his author page here. To see something amazing, got to Tom’s web site here. Tom can be contacted via his web site or at


Thanks and enjoy the show!

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