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LIVE! with Robert M Campbell

December 12, 2016

Robert M. Campbell, author of the Trajectory series, writes hard science fiction. Many readers have embraced this subgenre with books such as Leviathan Wakes (James S. A. Corey), Sleeping Gods (Ralph Kern), or Mars (Ben Bova). There is a wide spectrum of these books. Hard science fiction exists on a continuum, and it is not the space time continuum.

Or is it?

What, you might ask, qualifies as hard science fiction?

An internet search will quickly drop you into several articles and forums on this topic. For the sake of the interview, we started with a discussion about the unrealistic nature of space travel in popular science fiction. Everyone knows the universe-jumping, warp-speed paradigms are more magical than scientific. In many stories, that is fine. Some writers, readers, and viewers crave a more thoughtful handling of this important story element.

Why is Trajectory a part of this science-focused genre?

Robert M. Campbell is, among other things, a software engineer. During the interview he explains how he started the Trajectory series by using more realistic science to effect the story. There are no spoilers in this interview, but quite a bit of insight to his writing process. Josh, Scott, and Rob talk about the difference between writing long and short fiction, the Explorations anthology that will be out in January, and why they all like Scrivener.

There may be jokes and shenanigans slipped between the more serious sections of this episode. By all reports, this was a fun interview with good information (for both readers and writers of science fiction).

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Another great article on hard science fiction was written by Ben Bova. You may have heard of him… What is Hard Science Fiction.