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LIVE! with Susan Kaye Quinn

August 11, 2016

In this episode of LIVE! Josh and I meet Susan Kaye Quinn, an ex-rocket scientist following her dream of being a writer. 

After a foray into the traditional publishing world, Susan soon became a frontrunner in Indie Publishing, when KDP changed the world of ebooks. Love it or hate, many authors have found sizable audiences and successful careers in this brave new world.

The best part about talking stories and books with Susan is, well... Susan. Right now, listening to the show again, I’m really enjoying all of it. Her professional science background and PhD, coupled with her amazing skills as a writer are extremely intriguing.

Life and writing.

Like many who follow the muse, Susan can’t imagine life without writing. She read books and wrote stories throughout her childhood, created serials in high school, and followed her creativity to all kinds of places. Life introduced work and responsibilities, but could not keep this wonderful artist away from telling tales.

During a break at the height of her academic crucible, Susan describes a fantastic moment when she shouted at the sky, “I’m not just an engineer, I’m also a poet!” Even then, she explains, her imagination was getting unruly.

Can a person be both analytical and creative?

Spoiler alert! Yes, science and art are able to cohabitate in one person. Susan has written short stories, novels, and series in various genres. During the interview, she explains the premise for the Debt Collector books, how she wrote them (as seasons, containing nine episodes each) and what the series will look like when it’s finished. This was one of my favorite experiences in an hour that was full of favorites. Her ideas for her books are original and well thought out. Debt Collector went straight on my to-be-read list.

There is so much in this interview it’s difficult to cram it into a simple blog post, so here is a list of some gems you might pull out of the show: methodical writing, discovery writing, word count goals, engaging the muse, building writing muscles, The Royals of Dahria, Singularity Series, The Future Chronicles, writing for anthologies, and a pen name that will not be revealed.


- Scott