Keystroke Medium

Ep. 2.09 - LIVE! with Thomas Barczak

February 6, 2017

Tom Barczak joins Scott Moon and Josh Hayes at Keystroke Medium to talk about writing and publishing fantasy. Like many successful authors, Tom is a hybrid author with both traditional and independent publishing credits. His latest release, Mouth of the Dragon, goes live on February 10th.

Tom is both an artist and an architect, having done performance art to include painting on stage with feedback and energy from the audience. Later, he wrote a series with the same type of organic process. During the section on craft, he explains his thoughts on writers on artists and some best practices, including when and how to plan / structure a story.

No time to write? Tom taught himself to adapt and overcome, writing in smaller segments to get a larger work done.

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Find all of Tom’s work on Amazon here: Tom Barczak Amazon Author Page

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