Keystroke Medium

Ep. 2.01 - State of the Show 2017

January 3, 2017

A lot of big things have happened to Keystroke Medium since Scott and Josh started the show in the spring of 2016! Huge guests, author collectives, anthologies, collaborations with major websites, and those are just a few.

To kick off 2017 and start KSM’s second season, Scott, Josh, and the newest member of the team, Ralph Kern, reflect on all the amazing things that happened during 2016 and what is on the horizon for 2017. The team talk about their vision for KSM and venturing into media marketing and embracing more readers.

A monthly book club, mystery charity events, new guests, shows focused on new author development, and plans to develop a self-sustaining podcast are just a few things in the pipeline, and the team touch on everyone of them throughout the show.

Going into the New Year, Josh, Scott and Ralph want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has watched, listened to, and supported the show over the last year and are excited to continue our journey with all of you!

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