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The Craft of Writing | Tara C. Allred, Ep. 4.04

May 7, 2022

Here we are, weaving words and spinning tales so readers the world over can join us for the ride. Because writing isn't just about outlines, edits, and deadlines. It's a craft. A craft that is its own special art form. On this episode of Writer's Journey, we've beamed in Tara Allred to chat about the Craft as an Art. She’s going to break down the five elements of story, help us think through our story’s central conflict, and explain how we can get the most out of our setting. If you’ve got questions, be sure to join us LIVE. Tune in and let's get our craft on!

Hosts: Lauren Moore, Kalene Williams Special Guest: Tara Allred

00:00 Opening remarks and introductions

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

-Use Plottr!

01:00 Weekly Updates

Lauren: Lots of editing on Galaxy’s Edge.

Kalene: Editing and spending time with her daughter.

Tara: lots and lots of edits.

03:00 Main Event – The Craft of Writing | Tara C. Allred

-The five elements of storytelling. -The element that gets left behind often is Theme.

-‘First draft is for the writer, all drafts after are for the reader.’

-Find out your theme and then give yourself permission to fix and change.

-Some activities to uncover your theme and story.

-Interviewing your character.


30:00 Main Event

– The Craft of Writing | Tara C. Allred, Continued!

-Encapsulating the five elements in your blurb.

-Using metaphors to heighten the story.

-Wrapping your story in setting details.

-Giving you characters their own voices.

-Raising stakes and tension.

-Using opposites to drive tension and story.

57:00 Closing remarks


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