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The Critical Drinker Breaks Down Story Forces, Ep. 3.36

December 18, 2021

What makes for a glorious, rip-roaring tale and what deflates it like a wilting balloon? The Critical Drinker joins us from across The Pond to share his answers to all our burning questions. Hop on the show to chat and ask your questions too on Friday, 11 AM Eastern, LIVE on Keystroke Medium!

Hosts: Lauren Moore, Kalene Williams Special Guests: The Critical Drinker, Richard Fox

00:00 Opening remarks and introductions

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

-Use Plottr!

02:05 Main Event – The Critical Drinker Breaks Down Story Forces

-How the Critical Drinker got started.

-Looking back on his first novel through the lens of his YouTube series.

-The importance of imagination. -Writer’s Block is really forcing the characters to do something that’s against their nature.

-Plotting or pantsing? -Sound boards, yes or not?

-The Critical Drinker’s biggest inspiration.

-Inspirations for writing. -Writing without experience.

-Writing vs. critiquing movies: which is more fun? Quigley Down Under was enjoyable!

-The importance of the set up and payoff in overcoming issues with a story. Ex. The Karate Kid

Ex. Million Dollar Baby

-The advantage of inner monologue of a book over film.

26:20 Spotlight: Redemption: Ryan Drake, Book 1 by Will Jordan

30:52 Main Event — The Critical Drinker Breaks Down Story Forces, Continued!

-Walt’s love of Amazon’s Vella. -Richard’s love for what’s happened to our villains.

-The creative freedom of writing vs. the studio engine (hint: do what services the story best)

-Taking criticism.

-Critical drinkers favorite critique: Why Ghostbusters 2016 FAILED – A scene comparison

-Ability to subvert expectations when it’s done (hint: whatever you’re subverting has to be more enjoyable and interesting than what you’ve replaced)

-What bad movies does Drinker love? -Drinker recommends books…

-Elegance of simplicity takes work and finesse. -Thoughts on JK Rowling.

-The importance and success of the Hero’s Journey (vs. trying to follow money or to be too intellectual).

-Ex. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet (too high-minded)

-Ex. JJ Abrams’ Star Trek series (dumbed down for wide appeal)

-The decline in quality translates to decline in box office returns over time as fans lose interest in poor storytelling/entertainment. -Drinker’s enjoyment of Jon Bernthal.

-Drinker’s thoughts on Ghostbusters: Afterlife

-The balance of fan service (just enough to make them happy but not too much to feel it lacks originality)

-Will Drinker watch Cowboy Bebop live action series? -Drinker’s preferred drink(s).

1:05:10 Closing remarks


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