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The Write Stuff Ep. 4 - What Makes a Character Great?

April 2, 2016

Characters can make or break a story and despite being surrounded by millions of them every day, they seem to be one of the hardest elements of fiction to write. Do it write and that character will pull your audience through thick and thin. Do it wrong and they will close the book faster than you can say, ”But wait, you’re almost to the good part!”

In this episode of The Write Stuff, Scott and Josh tackle what makes a character good, what makes them great, and what makes them bad. The talk about their favorite characters from books they’ve read, discuss troupes in genre fiction and share their thoughts on the characters they like to write.

Due to some technical difficulties this week, Scotts audio is a tad muted, but don’t fret, he can still be heard and even though he’s quiet, he makes some pretty loud points.

Thanks for stopping and hope you enjoy this episode of The Write Stuff!

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