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The Write Stuff Ep. 7 - Let’s talk about Plots, Baby!

April 16, 2016

If you don't have plot you don't have a story. However, not all plots are created equal.

This week on The Write Stuff, Scott and Josh discuss some of the differences in main plot and subplot and how to effectively create a subplot that matters to the story. Whether or not to include main characters or secondary characters in the subplots. 

As an added bonus, Scott discovers one of the deadly pitfalls of “panster” or “organic” writing. For the first thirty years of his career, he was very much what George R. R. Martin called a gardener: he wrote with inspiration, imagination, and to the devil with those annoying outlines. 

As Josh delves into the basics of plot, Scott realizes the danger of “just going for it.”  Josh throws him a lifeline and the struggle for creative brilliance moves forward with the unstoppable power of a bestselling novel. 

But wait that’s not all!

James A Bray, the executive producer of the Start Trek Anthology Fan Film Project joins us again to talk about plotting his fan film series.


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