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The Write Stuff - Making Stories Great featuring David Farland and Jacob Cooper

September 14, 2016

What do you do when a legend makes an appearance? If you are a writer and a fan of works of wonder, let’s just say...the might want to tune in and have a list of questions ready.

David Farland (author of the Runelords series and the award-winning novel On My Way to Paradise) joined us at Keystroke Medium with one of his proteges, Jacob Cooper (the Dying Lands Chronicle). Readers may recognize some other best selling authors who took lessons from Mr. Farland. The list is distinguished: Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn), Stephenie Meyer (Twilight), James Dasher (The Maze Runner), and Brandon Mull (Fablehaven).

The idea of this special episode of The Write Stuff at Keystroke Medium was to focus on revising and editing. We picked Jacob Cooper because he underwent a major revision of an already published work -- not something many people have the heart to attempt. We asked him to be on our special six month anniversary episode already knowing he brings entertainment and information every time.

To our surprise and delight (imagine us doing cartwheels and high-fiving, though maybe not at the same time) Jacob dropped this casual statement.

“Hey guys, I think I can get David Farland on the show.”

Speechless, then cartwheels.

Here is a question. Should science fiction and fantasy have a new genre name? David Farland makes a good argument for “Wonder Fiction.” The moment he began the discussion on this seemingly small distinction there was a wave of revelation that smacked me in the face. Other genres are named by emotion: mystery, thriller, romance and so on. The science fiction and fantasy genres are designated by adjectives (or an adjective phrase in the case of science fiction, but let’s not geek out on grammar here). No one is saying we should disregard the terms we know and love, it is just a thought provoking observation.

Which is a theme throughout this interview.

I don’t know how much David Farland charged Brandon Sanderson, Stephenie Meyer, James Dasher, and Brandon Mull for his mentoring services, but you can get some of it for free right here at The Write Stuff at Keystroke Medium.

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